ISIS & IDIS Accredited for Secure Shopping

ISIS - Internet Shopping Is Safe

ISIS - Internet Shopping Is Safe

Shopping with an ISIS accredited online retailer such as Wiggle gives you the right to:

  • Clear information before you place your order
  • Notification of any limitations or conditions
  • Charges that are complete and simple to understand
  • Access to information on your order progress or history
  • Delivery within the agreed time frame
  • Your goods arriving in good condition
  • Cancel an order for most goods
  • A clear returns process

Wiggle meets all criteria set out by the ISIS accreditation, so you can be sure you'll receive total peace of mind when shopping online.

IDIS - Internet Delivery Is Safe

IDIS - Internet Delivery Is Safe

Shopping with an IDIS accredited retailer such as Wiggle, gives you the right to:

  • Clear delivery information before you place your order
  • Convenient and reliable delivery service
  • Notification of any delivery limitations or conditions
  • Charges that are complete and simple to understand
  • Access to information on your order progress or history
  • Delivery within the agreed time frame
  • Helpful support with failed/late/attempted deliveries
  • Your goods arriving in good condition
  • A clear returns process, with any limitations/conditions notified prior to purchase

Wiggle meets all the criteria set out by the IDIS accreditation, so you can be sure you'll receive total peace of mind when shopping online.

Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping

Our commitment to you

We have always set out to be the kind of company that we would want to deal with if we were making an online purchase. Consequently, we take security and customer service very seriously indeed and appreciate the trust placed in us by all of our customers when giving us their card details.

Our current security procedures are exemplary and as near impenetrable as existing technology will allow. They are constantly reviewed and updated to take account of any new threats.

If you pay for your order at wiggle with a credit or debit card, your card details will be encrypted and saved on our system for future use. This allows us to charge your card for goods as they are despatched, rather than in advance. It also allows us to quickly issue refunds and to speed up the process of despatching any back orders you may be waiting for.

Measures that we take

We have implemented a number of measures to ensure our site and your details are as secure as possible. When you send us your personal information, the link between your PC and our server is encrypted using Industry standard methods - usually referred to as SSL (128 bit encryption).

Once your information reaches our server, the card details are further encrypted before being stored on our secure server behind its firewall. Your card number is never stored in any human readable format.Our computers use your card details to take payment automatically. Our employees have no access to any sensitive customer information.

If you are still concerned about sharing your card details online we offer further secure methods of payment. You can pay at wiggle either via PayPal or WorldPay without ever sharing your personal credit or debit card information with us. For more information see our Payment Options page.

What else can I do

The overwhelming majority of online transactions are completed safely and efficiently. However, there are some things you can do to minimise the chances of fraud. Everyone using the internet should follow the tips below:

It is essential that your PC is kept up to date with the latest anti-virus and anti-key-logger software, as the weakest point of any internet transaction is often the users PC.

In some instances, Wiggle will contact you via telephone after an order has been placed on the site. You will be requested to confirm details of the order and answer some security questions. This will allow the order to then be processed and despatched promptly to you. Wiggle will never request you to confirm your registered password you use to log into your account.

If you receive a suspected fake wiggle e-mail, discover a spoof wiggle website, or if anything raises your suspicions, please contact us, forwarding any suspicious e-mail including the full headers directly.

If using a public computer, such as in a library or Internet cafe, always log out when you've finished using wiggle.

Take care of your identity and privacy

Avoid identity theft by using an up to date web browser and blocking bogus emails with a spam filter

Always use strong passwords.

Keep your passwords to yourself. Anyone who knows your password can access your account - although they cannot get any details of your credit/debit card. Do not write down your password. When creating a password, use at least 10 characters, a combination of letters and numbers is best. Do not use dictionary words, your name, your partner's name, your e-mail address or other personal information that can be easily obtained. You should change your password frequently. Avoid using the same password for accounts on different websites.

For more information about what you can do visit

Secure Web Pages

Make sure whenever you are entering any personal details you are using the secure wiggle website. This can be done by checking that https:// is visible in the address bar at the top and also looking out for the padlock.

Fraud Protection at Wiggle

Fraud Protection at Wiggle

At Wiggle your card data is always transmitted and stored securely. When you place an order on our website it is encrypted using an Extended Validation digital certificate from Verisign.

This is the most secure form of digital certificate it is possible to get, and ensures that all the data you enter when you purchase an item cannot be intercepted by any third party. When your order arrives at Wiggle we encrypt your card data using the same industry standard encryption system (AES) used by the US Government.

Your full card details cannot be read by any of our staff - they can only see the last four digits of your card number. Our website is regularly scanned by an accredited scanning company under the Visa/Mastercard PCI-DSS security scheme.

They set comprehensive requirements for enhancing payment account data security that facilitate the broad adoption of consistent data security measures on a global basis.

If you still aren't comfortable about entering your card details on our site, you can choose to pay by PayPal or Worldpay. In either case we do not see any of your card details at all as the transaction is handled directly by PayPal or Worldpay - we merely get informed of the result of the payment attempt.

If you have noticed activity on your account that you do not recognise, or have received communication that you feel is suspicious, please contact us on the email address below and one of our security experts will get in touch with you asap: